Why do fans suddenly want a BLACKPINK X Shakira Collab?

Blackpink together with Selena Gomez took the music industry by storm with their hit collab ‘Ice Cream’. Rosé, the main vocalist of the group, has previously received praise from artists like Halsey and G-Dragon for her amazing voice. The 23-year-old songstress recently shared an adorable exchange with the Latin music legend, Shakira. Scroll down to find out what fans have to say about the interaction!

  • Rosé is the only member of the girl group who goes by a stage name. Her English name is Roseanne and her Korean name is Chaeyoung. Fans have also nicknamed her the Vocal Goddess. 
  • She is the second-youngest member of the group who trained at ‘YG Entertainment’ for 4 years. 
  • Rosé has 31.2 million followers on Instagram. She is not only known for her unique voice but also her chic sense of style.
  • Watch Rosé’s cover of ‘Waka Waka’ below!


Blackpink appeared on a popular Korean variety show, ‘Knowing Bros’. The artists were asked to showcase their talents in a classroom setting. Rosé chose to cover Shakira’s globally famous 2010 FIFA World Cup Anthem ‘Waka Waka’. Her group members thought she sounded like the Colombian singer when she sang her OST from ‘Zootopia’.

The superb performance went viral and brought in immense love from fans. ‘Waka Waka’ returned to the Korean charts. Rosé’s cover made it to the Colombian National TV and hit 6 million views!

A short clip posted by a fan got noticed by Shakira. The pop singer took to Instagram and Twitter to share her love for Rosé’s cover and hair.

Fans started manifesting a collaboration at first sight of the sweet interaction. Many of them wasted no time in asking Shakira for a collab with Blackpink. They expressed their wishes in Korea and Colombia uniting to give them a music hit. Tweets gushing over brilliant artists supporting other brilliant artists flooded in.

Can we expect a BLACKPINK X Shakira collab in your area? Are we in for another treat after ‘SelPink’ with ‘ShakiPink’? Let us know what you think!

Rosé striking a pose

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