Does BTS wear makeup all the time? Does BTS wear makeup all the time?

Why do BTS members wear makeup? The aesthetic reasons for their appearance

Did you know that BTS members wear makeup? In fact, many idols do it, why should they wear it?

In K-Pop it is common for idols to wear makeup, what is the reason why they should wear it? BTS must also use various beauty products.

In K-Pop it is not only about music, there is much that we can see that is handled within its aesthetics as well. And it is that fans are not only impressed with the musical talents of each idol. There is no exception with BTS, even though music is the first reason why many fans start supporting them, there is much more to the group that we can appreciate.

In various content and interviews we get to know a little more about the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan, their thoughts and feelings are visible to their fans. ARMY has not only completely fallen in love with Bangtan's songs, but also with the personality of these idols.

And last but not least, there is a lot of beauty in the Bangtan Boys. The artists of this group have fine, delicate and very beautiful characteristics that allow us to see the most attractive of their visuals on various occasions. And it is that the members of Bangtan not only work as singers, they have also been models on different occasions.

Many fans know that BTS members often wear makeup, why should they? If they already have a natural beauty, what is the reason to use cosmetics on their faces?

Why does BTS wear makeup? You'll love the aesthetic of these idols

One of the reasons why BTS must wear makeup is for the aesthetics of their concepts. Many times the colors they use in their clothes, in their settings, will also help to emphasize their faces or bodies. It's like when they use temporary tattoos that go very well with the concept they are using for some MV, song or album.

V wearing makeup for the concept of BTS | Twitter: @SwanSingularity

Another reason why BTS members often use makeup is to improve their own physical characteristics, for many photo shoots for magazines or products, it is perhaps necessary to make idols shine a little more and that is why they put makeup on them. makeup not too loaded, that looks natural to better highlight the beautiful details on their faces. 

Jimin wearing makeup for a photoshoot | Twitter: @jimi_beakie

BTS idols are used to wearing makeup, so it's not out of this world for them, and remember that cosmetics have no gender and everyone can wear them for whatever reason they please. 

Do BTS members wear makeup all the time?

Not all the time BTS wears makeup, on many occasions we have seen them bare faced, and this is where the natural beauty of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan is even more visible. When they do live broadcasts for ARMY, in their free time and so on, that's when they let themselves be seen without makeup.

Bare faced Jimin and Jin | Twitter: @ForeverPurple07

Due to their work and the use of makeup, the members of BTS must take care of their skin and that is why idols usually have their skincare routine so as not to affect their beautiful skin with any product.

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