Suga's photoshoot for BTS Season\s Greetings 2021

Why do BTS fans want to sue Suga?

Suga is finally back, but fans are not happy! The lead rapper of BTS underwent a shoulder surgery on November 3rd, 2020. As Big Hit Entertainment announced the news of his surgery, fans were extremely emotional, and hoped for his speedy recovery. Now that he has fully recovered, why do fans want to sue him?  Continue reading to find out!  

  • Suga was the second person to become a part of BTS
  • During his life as a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment, he was working 2-3 part-time jobs to pay for his expenses
  • While he was on his job as a pizza delivering boy, Suga got into an accident which damaged his shoulders 
  • The 27-year-old endured a lot of pain over the years till he finally decided to undergo surgery in November 2020
BTS during their first fan meeting

BTS’ success did not come overnight. The seven members had to work day and night for years to make the world recognize their talents. Most of the members also came from a financially strained background, including the now $20 million worth rapper, Suga! 

Suga of BTS

However, he did not let his lack of financial resources become a barrier to success. He worked many part-time jobs to pay for his expenses. As he faced an accident, he did not tell his band members about it thinking he might be asked to leave the band. Due to this, the injury worsened over time and Suga had to undergo a surgery. 

Suga's photoshoot for Dispatch

Fans missed their rapper a lot! The two months of his recovery became the hardest days for BTS as well. They had to perform without Suga and things were never the same! But the good news is that he has partially recovered and is back! 

Suga's photoshoot for 'BE' comeback 

However, as his ‘BE’ comeback interview got released, fans reacted in a surprising manner. They demanded that Suga should be sued! Wondering why? Well, Suga’s comeback photoshoot set fire to the internet and every fan’s heart melted. Fans claim that the young rapper’s charms are not easy to handle, and he should be held responsible for being so classy! Well, I think the same. 

Watch all the pictures from his photoshoot here:

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