Blackpink- The huge Korean girl band

Why did the singers choose ‘Blackpink’ as their band name?

The South Korean musical band, Blackpink, was formed by YG Entertainment in 2016. It has 4 members: Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose. The K-pop idols have made a mark worldwide through their band, delivering excellent vocals and amazing dance moves in their music videos. They have recently revealed the reason behind them being labelled as ‘Blackpink’. Read below to find out!

  • The K-pop group has a total net worth of approximately $35 million. 
  • They debuted in 2016 with their hit songs ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’. 
  • The band has been nominated as fans’ ‘Favorite Group’ and for their ‘Music Video’ of song ‘Ice Cream’ for the People’s Choice Awards 2020. 
The Blackpink girls

Despite earning success at a very young age, the phenomenal stars are known for their humbleness and kindheartedness. They are very down to earth and have always been very grateful to their fans for their undying love. Their untiring efforts and strict training of 5 years is definitely paying off. 

Blackpink girls looking pretty

Blackpink- the two colours, black and pink- represents the 4 K-pop musicians. Pink is a representation of how girly they are: their fashion sense, their attires, accessories and hairstyles. On the other hand, black showcases them as strong and savage, so no one takes them easily.

Blackpink- Pretty Savage

The girl group knows how to make a mark and compete with the other musical groups, be it in Korea or the United States. They give off a very energetic vibe in their music videos while their appearances set new fashion trends for their fans. 

The talented girls always wanted to go with something unique- that described them perfectly. Blackpink surely is a true representation of the gorgeous vocalists. They have also named one of their songs ‘Pretty Savage’ which compliments them as it has the same meaning as the band’s name. What do you guys think? Are Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa savage and pretty at the same time? Leave your comments below!

Watch below the official music video of Blackpink's 'Pretty Savage'!

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