Jessi is leaving P Nation Jessi is leaving P Nation

Why did Jessi leave P Nation? The rapper didn't renew her contract with the agency

P Nation reported that Jessi will no longer be part of the agency, why didn't this artist renew her contract?

Jessi decided not to renew her contract with P Nation, as the agency made it public. What will happen now with the rapper?

Jessi is an American rapper of Korean descent who debuted in the distant 2005. Before doing so, she was going to be part of the K-Pop agency SM Entertainment, but she considered that it was not her style. She later entered Doremi Media, which was in fact the company with which she released her first single back then.

In 2009, after 4 years of working on her music, Jessica Ho took a break to leave Korea and return to the US. 5 years later she came back and in 2014 she had a comeback with a new agency, now Jessi was part of YMC Entertainmente. She spent another five years with this company until the contract was finally terminated.

As of 2019, Jessi signed with P Nation, PSY's music agency she was the first artist to sing with the company  and now it has other artists such as HyunA and DAWN among its ranks. It seemed like Jessi was really comfortable with the company and released quite a bit of music as part of it. But now, the rapper will no longer belong to this agency.

Jessi and P Nation's contract only lasted for 3 years and now it's over. The rapper decided not to renew with this company, what will happen to her now?

Jessi decided not to renew her contract with P Nation after 3 years of working at the agency

P Nation reported that Jessi was leaving the agency, through a statement it was stated that the rapper did not renew her contract after the 3 years specified in it. The company said that they wish Jessi luck in the future and that they will indeed be supporting her on her new path.

Jessi decided to leave P Nation | Twitter: @loonarttt

It is not yet known if Jessi will decide to sign with any new label, perhaps joining AOMG, Jay Park's record label with whom the rapper is known to have a good relationship.

Why did Jessi decide to leave P Nation?

Although Jessi hasn't officially said why she decided to no longer renew her contract with P Nation, to fans it's pretty obvious. The fans knew how much Jessi wanted a physical album, something that in 3 years she was not given in the company. Likewise, many followers of the rapper believe that her promotion was never enough for her, they always focused more on other talents in the company.

 Many fans believe that there are those who think that P Nation is the best agency just for giving certain freedoms to its artists, but that the support is not the same for everyone. That is why they are sure that Jessi decided to leave the company and maybe look for a better opportunity.

Maybe this is why Jessi decided to leave P Nation | Twitter: @TheSarangheOppa

We wish the best for Jessi since she deserves a lot more of attention, she's truly talented and if she decides to take a pause form music once again, it'le okay, sh'es a total queen. In fact, she just released a short statement about this. She will have a pause but she's definitively not retiring.

Jessi's statement | Instagram: @jessicah_o

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