Why did BTS ever got a Black Ocean? Why did BTS ever got a Black Ocean?

Why did BTS get a Black Ocean? This is the history behind it

Do you know what the Black Ocean is in K-Pop? BTS ever got one and this is what happened

For K-Pop groups, the support of fans comes in many ways and once it seemed that ARMY was not accompanying BTS who received a 'Black Ocean', what is this and why did it happen to Bangtan?

Today BTS is one of the most famous and popular K-Pop groups in the world, it is difficult to find a place where there is not at least one fan of this idol group. Their songs and performances have conquered a large part of the audience that today is dedicated to showing their unconditional love and support.

In K-Pop we can see that fans show their support in different ways, we could even say special. Compared to the fan culture in the West, in Korea there are many elements for the different fandoms of boy bands or girl groups. Like the lightsicks, these special lamps that are used in concerts or awards to show who you come to support.

Bangtan Sonyeondan has his own lightstick called ARMYbomb and with which ARMY shines in every presentation of the group. It's beautiful to see how the venue lights up with this one and that's how you can tell that every fan came here to give great support to the group. But contrary to this, it is the Black Ocean, a phenomenon that makes all the lightsticks turn off and that shows the discontent of the fans.

The Black Ocean can also mean a few other things, what happened to BTS when they got one? Here we tell you the reason why the ARMY lightsticks were not visible that time.

Why did BTS get a Black Ocean at these award ceremonies?

BTS has received not just one Black Ocean, but two. One of them was at the 2016 Melon Music Awards and another one was at the 2016 Golden Disk as well. These occurred because of the enmity between ARMY and EXO-L, EXO's fandom. EXO fans were more back then at awards shows and although ARMY turned off their lightsticks when EXO performed, there was no Black Ocean as there were more EXO-Ls.

But when BTS came on stage and EXO-L turned off their lightsticks, the difference was much more visible, so it was Bangtan who received the Black Ocean. EXO-L blamed ARMY, because they shouldn't have acted first and turned off their sticks when EXO was performing, then BTS' black ocean wouldn't happen.

Many fans believe that in reality the Black Ocean does not matter, because in the fanchants all the support of ARMY was heard. Finally this enmity between fandoms was what made it happen, the competition in K-Pop is always strong and the fans are extremely dedicated and passionate.

 Did ARMY and EXO-L have a fanwar?

That's right, since BTS' debut, it was taken that the group was EXO's direct competition, even though they had debuted before. At first it was a common little rivalry between fandoms. But when Bangtan released Wings and won the Daesang even over EXO, EXO-L started a real sabotage to the rival band.

This fanwar was international, ARMY vs EXO-L sabotaged each other, there were many hate comments towards the groups, sad actions and so on. Although it seems that this fanwar is over after all.

ARMY and EXO-L's fanwar | Twitter: @lady_exol9

In the end, what matters is enjoying the music of BTS and EXO, no one should fight over these kinds of things, music is supposed to be made to unite hearts, not to create more wars. There are even fans who enjoy both groups and everything is completely fine.

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