Why did BTS choose 'Life Goes On' as their song name?

BTS just released their new album 'BE' and fans can't stop gushing over their title track. Directed by our very own Jungkook, the message it delivers is exactly what the world needs. Why did they name it 'Life Goes On'? Find out below!

  • K-pop band BTS released their first self-made album on 20th November 2020.
  • RM, Suga and J-Hope took part in writing the title track.
  • Spoilers for 'Life Goes On' were given by the band 6 months before its release!

The spoilers

In a livestream 6 months before the album's release, BTS were shown discussing the message they want their upcoming album to give. RM immediately started by saying he wanted it to be something like 'Life Goes On' or 'Carry On'.

RM talking about the concept of the album. Source: BANGTANTV

The message behind it

BTS 'On' MV photo sketch. Source: BTS via Twitter

Since their previous title track's name is 'On', it's not only a reference, but also holds a special meaning for ARMY too. The leader continued by giving the true meaning behind why they chose it as the title track. 'No matter what happens out there, people's lives go on.'

Love for ARMYs

BTS showing how we still have each other through new song. Source: BigHit Labels

It's incredible how the group thought about ARMYs in every step of the way. From what the track should be named, to the meaning behind it. This song was made to comfort ARMYs and anyone who's having a hard time during this pandemic.

Suga discussed how he couldn't even read some articles containing pandemic stories because it was too sad, so he wants to help people the best way he can- through music.

Fans' reactions!

ARMY appreciating their idols. Source: YouTube

A commenter pointed out how not once did they mention producing songs with catchy beats or intend to win awards. All BTS genuinely cares about is making good, meaningful music that impacts people's lives.

As an ARMY, I can proudly say his purpose is fulfilled! Like a fan said, life goes on as long as I have these 7 reasons.

Have you heard the song yet? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below!

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