Why are all BTS members scared of their leader, RM?

Kim Namjoon, RM, is known as the King of Destruction. He has had many accidents where he didn't just break things but also injured himself. The members fear they will become RM's target someday. RM, although with an IQ of 148, has proved to be a clumsy person. Find out some of his moments of destruction below!

  • 5'11" tall leader of BTS is the tallest in the group with a net worth of $20 million.
  • The group of 7 members' fan base is called the BTS Army. 
  • With more than 30 million followers on Twitter, BTS has 9 of the 20 most liked tweets ever.
BTS RM for BE Concept Photo

Once V revealed to J-Hope that he was concerned about RM continuously hurting himself during practices. In reality, he was more concerned about getting injured due to RM's clumsiness. V knows how to joke! Let's find out the reasons for his concern. 

During a fake love performance, RM tore Jungkook's shirt apart by accidentally grabbing on it too tight. The members later laughed it out by saying it was revealing enough to tease Army. RM likes to put all his strength in everything. Of course, we understand his dedication. 

RM talking about driving and cooking

The members once advised RM, 'not to drive or cook for the sake of world peace'. They love teasing him for his destructive habits. We accept that contribution RM. Don't you think we should thank him for his contribution towards world peace?

RM destroying the set

RM has had countless moments where he accidentally hurt his members. He has knocked off microphones from their hands and hit them accidentally during performances. RM is also notorious for destroying sets. He's just too strong for some things. Don't you think? 

We understand why the members are concerned about their safety. But we also think it's good to have a clumsy friend around for the laughs. For now, we will ignore his mistakes for all the great things he has done for Army.  Check out this compilation of his destruction moments!

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