V and Jisoo the 4D aliens of K-pop

Why are V and Jisoo called the 4D aliens of K-pop?

Kim Taehyung and Kim Jisoo have more than just their surnames in common! V is the vocal king of BTS, and Jisoo is the visual queen of Blackpink. Their respective band members describe them as having a unique personality. Want to know why the two are referred to as 4D aliens? Keep reading to find out!

  • Both V and Jisoo have created a name for themselves because of their powerful vocals. However, Tae has a higher net worth of $20 million compared to Jisoo’s $8 million.
  • K-pop fans wish to see the two artist together as a couple.
  • Jisoo has an impressive height of 5'5", whereas V stands tall at 5'10".
The gorgeous visuals of V and Jisoo

Kim Taehyung and Jisoo’s insane visuals are what make them out of this world. One look at their gorgeous faces, and you will fall in love with them instantly. They are the definition of perfection with their striking features and adorable smiles.

Jisoo and V hosting together

In Korea, having a 4D personality is slang for being quirky. Both V and Jisoo are adorably weird in their own way. They seem to be living in their own world and not giving attention to what others think about them.

Have you ever noticed the two during an award show? With Jisoo trying to balance a bottle on her shoulder and Taehyung dancing like no one’s watching. These two surely are 4D aliens.

V and Jisoo looking stunning on stage

Fans first noticed similarities between both the idols when they hosted the show, SBS Inkigayo in 2017. Jisoo and Tae share the same star sign, Capricorn. Could this be the reason why the two have similar personality traits? They are the entertainers of their groups. You will often see them acting silly and goofing around with their bandmates. 

V and Jisoo flinch challenge

Being extremely confident and charming is another Capricorn trait that they both posses. BTS and Blackpink both separately made an appearance on the ‘Late Late Show’ with James Corden. There they played a game called ‘Flinch’. Pieces of fruits are fired at them while they stood behind a glass wall.

While all the idols were shocked by the experience, guess the two people who didn’t even budge. Well, they were none other than Tae and Jisoo. 

A fan edit of V and Jisoo

Other than being amazing vocalists the two are also brilliant actors. Would you like to see them star in a K-drama together? 

Watch the video of V and Jisoo hosting together below!

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