Why are BLACKPINK fans called BLINK? Why are BLACKPINK fans called BLINK?

Why are BLACKPINK fans called BLINK? Get to know the meaning of this word

Every K-Pop group has a fandom and BLACKPINK's one is BLINK, why is it called like this?

BLACKPINK has a big fanbase that spreads all over the world, the fans from this girl group are called BLINK, what's the origin of this fandom name?

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular girl groups, the music of this idols has charmed thousands of fans who are always showing their love and support for the music, performances, and projects of these four talented and charismatic girls.

Even if BLACKPINK is a group from South Korea, there are a lot of BLINKs all over the world, we can assure this since the idol group premiered its movie on ttheaters of different countries, the ticket sales were successful and a lot of fans were able to enjoy this film with the idols at the cinema.

We also can look at the statistics and see that BLACKPINK has a lot of followers on social media, platforms like Twitter or Instagram are full of BLINK who loves and admires this K-Pop group. There's no limit, and every new album, comeback, and solo project turns into a hit thanks to the fans.

But, why are BLACKPINK fans named BLINK? The idol group chose this name for its fandom for this reason, get to know more about it.

Here's the reason why BLACKPINK fans are called BLINK

'BLINK' is a combination of the beginning and the end of the word BLACKPINK, using the 'BL' and 'INK', the idols decided to name their fandom, and this word has a meaning and it's that fans are with BLACKPINK from the beginning to the end.

BLACKPINK named its fans as BLACKPINK | Twitter: @lisalareine

Now you know the real meaning of BLINK and the origin of this fandom name, BLACKPINK and its fans will be together forever and the fandom never fails to show its support and love for these talented girls.

How many BLACKPINK fans are there?

We can't count every BLINK from all over the world with a census, but, we can take a look to BLACKPINK's statistics to know how many fans does the girl group have, on Spotify, it has 13.6 million of monthly listeners and their official Instagram account has a total of 45.6 million followers, OMG, so maybe we can say tha this number is more close to the real number of BLINKs.

BLACKPINK has a lot of fans all over the world | Twitter: @BLACKPINKGLOBAL

Are you a part of BLINK? This is one of the biggest fandoms on K-Pop industry and the idols really love their fans as much as BLINK loves the girl group.

If you wanna know more about BLACKPINK, we tell you here when will its contract with YG Entertainment end, what will happen with the idols then? 

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