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Why V from BTS doesn't like his face

V stopped uploading his pictures anymore on social media because he doesn’t like his face. Imagine being the most handsome man in the world yet not liking your own face! Crazy, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly how V aka Kim Taehyung of BTS feels. Continue reading to find out the details about this shocking news! 

  • V is a 25-year-old South Korean singer who is the lead vocalist of BTS 
  • With a net worth of $20 million, V spends a lot of his money on brands such as Gucci to look chic 
  • He defeated Zayn Malik, Robert Pattinson, and Hrithik Roshan to become the most handsome face of 2020
  • However, V does not like his face anymore and this has left his fans in shock!
V, Suga, and Jhope

On April 8th 2021, three BTS members named V, Suga, and Jhope came live to chat with fans and make smoothies to beat the summer heat! During the V live, fans asked V to upload his pictures. However, the K-pop idol said that he has not been able to click any of his images in the last six months and that is why he couldn’t upload them. 


When fans asked him why is he not clicking his pictures, V shocked more than 1 million people who were watching the live video with his reply. The ‘sweet night’ singer said that he does not like the way he looks anymore, and therefore he doesn’t click pictures of himself. 

weverse magazine photoshoot

How is it even possible that V doesn’t like his face? Almost every new BTS fan reports falling in love with V at the first sight. Fans love him for his soulful voice, goofy interactions with his band members, and sharp visuals. He is known for having some of the most liked pictures on Twitter. What a charm! 


Sometimes we forget that even celebrities are humans like us and there can be days they don’t feel satisfied with how they look. The same is true for V. It is okay if he doesn’t like his appearance these days. Let's hope he starts appreciating his amazing visuals again and bless us with those breath-taking vcuts!


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