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Why Jisoo is the funniest K-Pop idol

You can always count on the talented star to make you laugh! Even the members of Blackpink agree that Jisoo is the clown of the group. Check out her 3 most hilarious jokes below!

1. No mercy on James Corden

Jisoo for Dior 2021

In August 2019, Blackpink appeared on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ he challenged them to play the game ‘Flinch’. When it was his turn to go behind the glass, the singer had no mercy on him. Jisoo kept adding more fruits to the machine to splash on James!

Wow, she really is a pretty savage girl! Click here to see the funny moment.

2. Thailand

Jisoo for Elle Korea

During Blackpink’s trip to Thailand in October 2018, Lisa taught Jisoo a catchy phrase. When the members went to markets, the 26-year-old star would say the sentence in Thai which translated to ‘I have no money.’

It made the shopkeepers and all the group members laugh! See the hilarious interaction here

3. Award show pranks

Jisoo for How You Like That

In December 2017, Blackpink attended the ‘Seoul Music Awards.’ During one of the announcements, Jisoo balanced a water bottle on her shoulder. Luckily, the moment was caught, and she was shown on the big screen!

The whole arena full of famous idols and judges started laughing! Click here to check out how shy she became afterward.


Jisoo for Cartier

The singer has a quirky personality! She isn't afraid of others making fun of her or judging her. I love her sense of humor and so do a lot of her fans! My favorite moment is the one where she was caught being funny at an award show. 

What incident from the list was the funniest to you? Comment below!

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