Why did BTS shoot their song 'Life Goes On' in their dorm?

The world-famous boy band BTS has just released their second album of the year, 'BE'. With the healing and comforting vibe, Armys are loving all the songs of the album. In these hard times of pandemic, people are relating to how BTS is bound to their dorm and thinking about going out. And at the same time they are getting the hope as BTS tells that still there is hope left. But wait, why BTS shoot the MV at their dorm? Curious to find out? Then scroll down and read it all!

  • BTS comprises the seven members V, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Suga and Jin.
  • The estimated net worth of the K-pop band is $450 million.
  • They are followed by more than 22 Million people on Twitter
  • In English, BTS stands for Beyond-the-scenes, while in Korean they are called Bangtan Soneyandon meaning  'Bullet Proof Boy Scouts'.
BTS' Life Goes On

As BTS' label Big Hit started dropping the teasers for BE's main track 'Life Goes On', some eagle-eyed fans spotted that some MV scenes were recorded inside BTS' dorm. Well with the release of the MV we can clearly see it as well.

BTS' Life Goes On

The boys are seen inside their dorm carrying out their daily life activities. But why they shoot it there? 
It is because they want to convey the message of hope and optimism through the song. So they showed that how like everyone they also got trapped inside their house. BTS also quarantined themselves to stay safe. 

BTS in their dorm

Just like us, they were also not able to leave their house no matter how much they long for going out and seeing the Army.

BTS 'BE' concept photo

With the music video being shoot inside the dorm, we can clearly feel the lockdown vibe. Combined this with boys' vocals, the song gives warmth and comfort to us, and we cannot stop listening to it over and over again. 


Check out the 'Life Goes On' MV yourself and let us know what do you think about it in the comments down below!

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