This is why BTS can't take photos with ARMY This is why BTS can't take photos with ARMY

Why BTS can't take pictures with fans? There are a few reasons

Even if it would be a dream for ARMY to take a selfie with BTS' members, they're not allowed to do it, what's wrong with an innocent photo?

A lot of fans that admire BTS would love to have a picture with the idols from this boy band, but they can't take pictures with ARMY and here's the reason why.

BTS is one of the most popular K-Pop bands around the world, if would be hard for its members not to be recognized everywhere they go. The planet has its eyes on these seven artists who have captivated fans with their music and personalities.

And even if now it's not easy to find BTS' members in public places, it's a big possibility, there was a lot of people who could meet, greet  and even take a video with the idols in the past and while Bangtan Sonyeondan was on tour, back in 2014-2015.

But the time has passed and the Bangtan Boys have gained a lot of popularity, so everywhere RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Taehyung or Jungkook are, there will be ARMY who will approach them and maybe try to have a small interaction with these K-Pop stars.

If you get the chance to meet BTS in the streets, you might be able to come close to them respectfully, but if your dream is to take a selfie with them and post it on social media, it won't be possible.

Here are the reasons why BTS cannot take pictures with fans

BTS is not able to take photos with fans since it's some kind of rule from its K-Pop agency, BigHit or HYBE Labels, this has been stated before, and there are a few reasons why is it prohibited to take selfies or photos with fans for Bangtan and many other band from the agency.

These are the reasons why BTS can't take pictures with fans | Twitter: @abcdefghijk__op

These are some of the reasons why BTS can't take photos with ARMY:

Some HYBE idols have said that they would take pictures with fans even if it's prohibitted, just with this condition

Maybe not BTS, but idols from the same agency have said that they would take selfies or pics with fans only if they promise not to post them on social medie, 'cause it's rule, but they would do it secretly; once, on VLive, Yeonjun from TXT said that, so... Maybe BTS can grant your wishes just with this condition.

BTS might take a selfie with you with this condition | Pinterest: @PrinceChrom

Now you know it, if you ever get the chance to meet BTS, maybe it's better to have an aotugraph from the idols and a selfie.

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