BTS' J-Hope and Suga BTS' J-Hope and Suga

Why BTS' Suga didn't attend the 'Jack In The Box' listening party? J-Hope talks about it

ARMY noticed that all BTS members were at the "Jack In The Box" listening party but Suga. J-Hope has revealed the reason behind his teammate's absence.

J-Hope is on his way to conquering the world with the wild album "Jack In The Box". The rapper is in charge to open the new BTS chapter. He's doing it with instant success, the album and the single "Arson" are dominating the most prestigious global charts.

Is impossible not to fail for hie cool swag. Also, his new song are exploring the honest thoughts of the rapper. We cannot leave without talking about his insane creativity and hard work. Every single detail of the album is perfect from the production to the music videos.

J-Hope for 'Jack In The Box' / Twitter @Lakshmi71100228

Before the release date, J-Hope held an awesome listening party. The hottest Korean celebrities attended the event to support the Idol. As was expected, the rest of Bangtan was there to encourage their beloved friend. Because of health reasons, Suga couldn't be there. Here is all the information.

BTS' J-Hope talks about Suga's health

On July 15th J-Hope was on live broadcasting via Vlive to talk about his new album "Jack In The Box". Eventually, the rapper explained Suga's absence at the listening party. He said:

I'm sure you noticed Suga wasn't there. Hyung actually planned to come to the listening party. He showed me what he was going to wear and he said he was going to have makeup on.

He continued sharing that Suga had a sudden fever that day so he decided not to attend the party out of precaution. According to J-Hope, Suga's COVID test was negative but he wanted to be careful since there were many guests.

J-Hope talking about Suga / Twitter @ARMYForce_Peru

Hobi confessed that he was a little bit sad because of Suga's absence. He wanted the entire group to be present. Anyways, the singer of "Arson" revealed that Suga has been supporting him a lot.

Suga shares his side of the story

ARMY was a little bit worried about Suga, so the rapper talked to calm down the fans. The same day Suga posted on Weverse that he wanted to be sure that it wasn't COVID but he is okay now.

It's a shame I couldn't go. Thankfully I'm back to normal body temp, so don't worry too much.

Congratulations Jwa-hope.

Suga's post on Weverse / Twitter @imbtswings

J-Hope replied saying "I love you Hyung, don't get sick". Their brothership is adorable! ARMY, it seems like you don't have to be worried.

J-Hope worked really hard in the "Arson" music video. Here are all the preparations for it.

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