Who's the youngest member from BTS? Who's the youngest member from BTS?

Who's the youngest BTS member? This is the group's maknae

Who is the maknae of BTS? This is the youngest member of the idol group

BTS has a diversity of members, with different characteristics, personalities, and also ages, do you know who is the youngest boy in this K-Pop group?

BTS is a group that has more and more fans and sometimes the new ARMYs have a lot to know about their favorite idols. Maybe you can even remember your time as a Baby ARMY when you couldn't identify the idols and barely knew some of their songs. Little by little the fandom is learning more about this group.

But there will always be those who solve all our doubts about Bangtan Sonyeondan and its members. And there are always new secrets that they reveal to their fans through various content such as interviews, making of, behind the scenes and even their social networks such as Weverse or Instagram.

There are many fun facts that you can know about the Bangtan Boys, how tall they are, their birthday, what their hobbies are, among many other data that fans and media are responsible for collecting so that they become public knowledge and we can all get closer to the artists that are part of Bangtan.

Do you want to know who is the youngest member of the group? As you know, every idol group has its maknae, which is the youngest in the band and this is then the maknae of BTS.

Who is BTS' maknae? This is the youngest member in the group

The maknae of BTS is Jeon Jungkook, who was born in the year 1997, he is the youngest member of this famous K-Pop group. Although he is the youngest in age, he is just as talented and charismatic as his hyungs who always care about him and are totally amazed by his great skills and his way of being.

Jungkook is BTS' maknae | Twitter: @97SARCHIVES

Now you know, Jungkook is the maknae of BTS, the youngest idol in the group but always dedicated and passionate like his hyungs who usually have fun with him and pamper him. 

Which members are part of the BTS maknae line?

BTS' maknae line is made up of the youngest members of the group who are Jimin and Taehyung who were born in 1995 and Jungkook who was born in 1997. ARMY usually divides them as 'hyung line' and 'maknae line' and they are the youngest members of the idol group.

BTS' maknae line | Twitter: @btsthroughyears

Who is your favorite member of the maknae line? Maybe your bias is in this small part of BTS by being one of the members of this line.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, we tell you why the members of the group tend to wear makeup, why do they need it? 

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