Who is the new rapper in BTS?

The 7-member boy band currently has 4 singers and 3 rappers. ARMYs, do you know the new potential rapper introduced to the rap line? Watch the video below to find out who it is!

  • BTS was formed by BigHit Entertainment in 2013.
  • Currently, the band has a net worth of $450 million.
  • The three members of their original rap line are RM, Suga and J-Hope.

One of the reasons behind BTS's success is their amazing friendship and unbreakable bond, but recently fans seem to think there might be an addition to the rap line. Who could it be?

In Bon Voyage 4, when RM, Jin and Suga are shown sharing a car and belting out to songs, ARMYs couldn't help but be impressed and amused by the oldest member's rapping skills to Loner by Outsider.

BTS photo from their Winter Package 2020. Source: BigHit Entertainment

If you ask me, Jin is qualified to be the lead rapper! This Music Bank performance where the members reversed their roles is perfect proof of that.

BTS posing after their 'Fake Love' win at Music Bank. Source: BTS via Twitter

Sure, he got half the lyrics wrong...but his killer flow is undeniable!

Seokjin's cover of 'Nevermind' by the BTS rap line with either leave you in awe or in fits, there's no in-between! He had a chance to show his rap skills through it for the BTS Home Party celebration.

Even inside the fandom, most ARMYs know the running joke of Jin sounding like he's rapping when he's angry.


We love the fact that despite being the oldest, he's the youngest at heart. According to him, acting young is the reason behind his timeless youth.

BTS Jin goofing around at the Love Yourself 2019 concert. Source: JinKissLetsGo

Whether it be scolding Namjoon for calling his gifts cheap, or bickering with Jungkook over nothing, our worldwide handsome is a natural rapper!

'My rap skills are so good that it would only make sense for me to release a rap album right now'

Jin stealing out hearts with his signature pose, as always. Source: ALLETS

Not only does he have fans swooning over his incredible talent, but the rest of BTS is also completely impressed, giving him the nickname 'Rap Jin' or as Jungkook likes to say, 'R Jin'.

Jin rapping during a karaoke session in Run! BTS ep. 116. Source: Vlive

No wonder ARMYs love his sense of humour! Jay-Z step aside, I only know Jin-Z!

I can't say I wasn't disappointed when their album 'BE' didn't have any features of the Rap Jin persona that we've all come to love and admire. Hopefully next time? I'll be waiting, BTS!

BTS performing 'Spine Breaker' at a concer. Source: daeguline

Listen to their first all-English song 'Dynamite' here

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