Who's the lyricist in BTS? Who's the lyricist in BTS?

Who writes BTS' lyrics? This is how the group songs are made

Do BTS members write the lyrics for their songs? Find out who's the lyricist of the group

BTS members have a lot of talent and their passion for music is visible on studio and on stage, but who in band tends to write the lyrics for its songs?

There are BTS fans all over the world, a lot of people has been conquered with the music, lyrics and much more from this popular K-Pop group. It's been years since Bangtan Sonyeondan's debut in 2013, it was the very first time they took the stage.

With different tracks and performances, Bangtan Boys have showed more of their abilities and talents, and now ARMY supports every comeback cheerfully. The fandom keeps growing, it doesn't matter where are they from, admirers will sho all of their love.

Even if we might appreciate a lot of things from BTS and its members, the music is the main reason for fans to like this band, their tracks won't have just cool rythms and good vibes instrumentally, these songs have amazing lyrics with great messages for the world.

Who's the genius behind BTS songs? Here we tell you who's the one that writes the lyrics for Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs.

Who writes the lyrics in BTS?

All of BTS members have written songs for the idol group, but there are three who use to write more of them, RM, Suga and J-Hope tend to be the group's lyricists, they have credits in a lot of tracks. Some of them have even worked as composers and producers too.

But Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin have also written some songs for Bangtan Sonyeondan and we also can talk about Pdogg and Bang Si Hyuk which are part of BigHit/HYBE and have worked with BTS since the very beginning as writers of the K-Pop group's songs.

For some BTS' songs in english, for example, there more contributors to the lyrics and we might find collabs with other writers in some cases too.

What are BTS lyrics about?

Even if BTS has a great musical repertoire, and the idols have talked about a lot of things in their lyrics, there are some recurring themes in their songs such as social identity in youth, anxieties of school-age youth, mental health in youth culture, love, self-love and much more inside every track.

These songs sometimes talk about happiness and hope too, they're full of good messages for the public and fans, what's your favorite BTS song?

Find out more about your favorite idols and keep listening some good songs like OST made by BTS, this is how the group shines in K-Dramas. 

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