Who was the first member that joined BTS?

The story of BTS is really cool and if you want to know more about it, you can find out who was the first member of this boy band

BTS has a long story, it doesn't start with the debut of its idols, first they were cast, then they had a time as trainees for BigHit Entertainment. Until finally, the long-awaited day arrived and all of these guys debuted together as Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Each BTS' member has a different story and background, but all of them have the same skills and talents that match perfectly to make the best formula for a boy band that is being the most successful one on K-Pop, their agency found the best trainees with amazing abilities.

BigHit cast every Bangtan's member in order, there were even more guys as trainees before deciding on the perfect line-up for the band, and it also started as a hip-hop project, who was the first BTS member to join BigHit?

Who was the first member to join BTS and BigHit Entertainment?

It was Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, he started as an underground rapper, pursuing his dream of shining bright as the best korean act on rap he auditioned for BigHit and got accepted, as he was the very first member to join, he put a lot of ideas for the next boy band.

So RM planned more about BTS with Bang PD, CEO of BigHit, they kept working together until now, making the best team. Maybe this is the reason why RM is the leader of this K-Pop group, he was there since the very beginning.

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