Who is the prettiest member of the new K-Pop band Aespa?

The four members that make up the new Korean pop band Aespa are beautiful and incredibly talented. However, there is one of them that has managed to attract the attention of all fans for its enormous physical beauty. Read on to find out if the lucky one is Winter, Karina, Giselle, or Ning Ning.  

  • SM Entertainment's new girl band took the world by storm with their digital song debut “Black Mamba” with over 4 million views on YouTube in less than 3 hours and 32 million in just one day.
  • The company founded by Lee Soo Man bet on the beauty of four girls of three different nationalities.
  • Korea, China, and Japan came together to bring us one of the most anticipated girl groups by the audience and a totally innovative concept combining virtual reality in the real world.

Since the announcement of the new band Aespa on October 26, we have been discovering the four band members one by one until their debut on November 17.

All of them Winter, Karina, Ning Ning, and Giselle have undeniable physical and artistic attributes.

Karina from Aespa.

The leader of the band Karina flaunts a beauty of the powerful type. More like a warrior.

Winter and Giselle for their part are sweeter in their look and appearance.

Winter and Giselle from Aespa.

Ning Ning on the other hand has a more universal beauty.

Rounded eyes and a fine face are synonymous with extreme beauty for Asian countries.

Ning Ning from Aespa.

If I had to choose one, I would take the preference of the majority of the band's fans, Ning Ning.

The 20-year-old Chinese member is truly gorgeous.

In the video for “Black Mamba” she stands out among her peers with her blonde hair and impressive features.

Which one of them do you prefer?

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