Who's BIGBANG's leader? Who's BIGBANG's leader?

Who is the leader of BIGBANG? He led the group since their debut

Does BIGBANG have a leader? Since the debut of the group, the person who would be in charge was chosen, this is their representative before the world

Each member of BIGBANG has had a different role and we know the importance of the leader in each K-Pop group, who has this position in this idol group?

In K-Pop it is very common for groups to have a leader, someone with quite important responsibilities both for the boy band or girl group and for the company in which they are working. Well, in fact, a leader works as a bridge and balancer between the two when it comes to working.

As in BIGBANG, a legendary K-Pop group that debuted in 2006, 5 boys pooled their talents to shine together in the studio and on stage. Although, right now there are only 4 of those members left, they are still a pretty solid idol group and they showed it in their last comeback.

The history of BIGBANG has great moments and all its success and epic feats could not have been a reality without the teamwork of the members of this boy band. Everyone gets the credit, obviously, but so does their leader who had a great responsibility to the other guys.

Who is the leader of BIGBANG? Learn more about the member who served as the head of the group and did an excellent job for its story.

Get to know more about the leader of BIGBANG, do you know who has that role?

G-Dragon is the BIGBANG's leader, although he is not the oldest member of the idol group, he was the first to join YG Entertainment, which is why he was perhaps chosen for this position. He has been leading the K-Pop group since its debut.

G-Dragon's work has truly gone down in history and he has served as an inspiration to many other new generation idols who look up to him as a role model.

G-Dragon is the leader of BIGBANG | Twitter: @mademoiselle_Gx

For over a decade, G-Dragon has led BIGBANG and has been a shining example of responsibility and hard work. We love this amazing K-Pop leader.

 G-Dragon made important decisions for the group and also designed BIGBANG's lightstick

As the leader, G-Dragon worked hard for his team, making important decisions. But he is also someone extremely creative who not only demonstrates this aspect of him in music, but also in other elements such as the BIGBANG lightstick that was designed by said leader.

G-Dragon best leader | Twitter: @nazsneak

Now you know who the leader of BIGBANG is, an artist in every sense of the word, someone focused, dedicated and passionate about music.

Keep reading more about BIGBANG and its members, here we tell you more about them and their solo songs, these tacks are amazing. 

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