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Who is the funniest member of BTS?

BTS members are full-time comedians and part-time musicians. The band has the best sense of humor that has fans doubling over in laughter. The K-pop stars make people laugh wherever they go. All seven of the idols have special brands of humor, but who is the funniest? Scroll below to find out.

  • BTS has many variety shows - RUN! BTS and Bon Voyage being some of them, where they show their funny sides!
  • They have 43 million subscribers who love watching their funny videos. 
  • The net worth of the seven musicians is a shocking $140 million!

1. Jin

Jin laughing in expesnive blue sweater

The oldest BTS member is known for his weird sense of humor. His puns make both the BTS members and fans laugh like crazy. Jin is well-known for his dad jokes. Here's a compilation of his funniest moments for you to enjoy! 

Jin telling jokes to fans

We can’t decide which is funnier; his jokes or his laugh. What do you think?

2. Suga

Suga laughing in concert wearing expensive necklace

Often known as the grumpy cat of BTS, Suga is actually very funny.

Suga's joke from run BTS episode

His deadpan jokes combined with his sarcastic tone have the BTS members laughing whenever they are around him.

Suga laughing at award show

Fans love Suga’s witty jokes and quips, and consider him one of the funniest members.

3.  Jimin

Jimin laughing in airport

Jimin likes to tell everyone about how funny he is, and that’s what makes it hilarious. The young dancer is definitely the 'meme king' of BTS.

Jimin joking around with fans

The cute idol can be found joking around and laughing with the members. Along with the younger members, he loves to tease the older ones!

BTS Jin and Jimin making jokes together

Jin, Jimin and Suga are three of the funniest members of BTS. Each idol has their own style of humor, but they never fail to entertain us! Who do you think is the funniest? Let us know in the comments below.

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