Who is the best dancer in BTS?

Who is the best dancer in BTS?

BTS is unrivaled when in comes to stage presence, thanks to their incredible dance choreographies. But did you know who BTS themselves deem as their best dancer(s)? Scroll down to find out!

  • All members agree that the choreography for 'ON' was the hardest to learn
  • BTS have had more than 10 different dance choreographers
  • The 'Dionysus' performance was modified by BTS due to some dangerous moves in order to prevent the members from getting hurt

Have you ever wondered who, among all these gorgeous young men, is BTS's best dancer? Three possible candidates came up during one of their many interviews, and here's why:

1. Jimin

Source: billboard.com

Jimin, despite being one of the younger BTS members, comes from a formidable dance background. With a deep knowledge of contemporary dance that he studied in school, he's one of the absolute best dancers of BTS and that shows in every move he makes. With his charming smile and warm attitude towards fans and his co-members, he's the perfect candidate to compete for 'BTS's best dancer'. Don't you agree that in the photo below, he looks like a prince straight out of a fairytale?! 

Jimin's breathtaking solo performance on 'MMA 2019' (Source: kpopmap.com)

Jin once praised Jimin in the higest notes, saying that

Jimin has given me the biggest influence. The way I see it, he's perfect. 

He's perfect on stage, so I wonder how he's able to work tirelessly. Seeing Jimin work so hard — I practice with RM in the corner and when I'm tired, I take a look at Jimin. He's still working then.

Watch his magnificent MMA performance below.


2. J-Hope

Source: billboard.com

Born as Jung Hoseok, he is the sunshine of the group. His laughter can be heard from miles away and you can't help but laugh with him. The 27-year old, also called 'Hobi' by his fans, is a dancer as well as one of the three rappers in BTS. You get a better understanding of his skills when you find out that he won a South Korean national dance competition in 2008 and his skills only built up from there. He was the third member to join BTS back in 2013 while also taking on the stage name J-Hope. His co-members appreciate him especially for his help when learning dance choreographies. All members shared that receiving praise from J-Hope makes them feel like "you're in heaven that day." It's funny to know that all BTS members thirst for J-Hope's compliments.

J-Hope's dance moves are on another level (Source: koreaboo.com)

Hoseok, whenever things get hectic and loud during the waiting room thank you for shouting ‘The director is here, members please gather around' and setting the mood for the meeting. I’m sure that one of the big reasons that BTS is able to do well is because of Hoseok’s position as the quiet and charismatic.

3. Jungkook

Source: billboard.com

Even though he is the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook doesn't need to be modest at all when it comes to his performance and dancing skills. His quirky and open personality makes you fall in love with him almost immediately. Jungkook joined BTS shortly after his high school graduation but proves that age doesn't always play a role in being a genius. He's known for hitting the highest of notes and his almost-bursting-with-energy attitude dancing on stage. Despite being only 23 years old, Jungkook is a multi-talented idol whose dance moves are precise and make his body move to the best of its ability.

Source: koreaboo.com

When a choreographer makes a dance, they have a vision in their mind that would make dancers perform in a certain way. Jungkook delivers the choreography exactly the way the choreographer envisions it. Bad dancers make their own interpretations of the dance and trim or discard certain moves and then say, ‘this is my style’ as their excuse.

So, 'Who is the best dancer in BTS?' you might ask. Asking amongst fans, a 2019 survey on 'kpopprofiles' with a total of  238454 votes revealed that the BTS ARMY's consider Jimin as the best dancer in BTS.

Survey results (Source: kpopprofiles.com)

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