Which BLACKPINK member is the best dancer? Which BLACKPINK member is the best dancer?

Who is best dancer in BLACKPINK? Her skills will impress you

Each member of BLACKPINK specializes in something different and one of them excels at dancing, who is she?

BLACKPINK girls have united and combined each of their talents to make an ideal formula within K-Pop and this is how they have been able to stand out in the genre and also in the entire music industry, but by learning their individual talents you will be able to find a matchless dancer.

What can we say about BLACKPINK that you don't already know? This idol group has taken the senses of millions of fans around the world, people who do not hesitate to express all their love and support for the girls who are part of this K-Pop group that has had an unimaginable impact on the industry.

There are a lot of things we can admire about the BP idols, from their amazing skills and talents, to their beautiful personalities and beauties that shock the world. Each of these artists is unique and authentic in their own way, something that they have not only demonstrated with their work as a group, but also as soloists.

BLINK does not stop supporting each project that BLACKPINK launches, the fandom is faithful and very attentive to their idols, something that is visible at all times. And it is that this great fan base appreciates all the work that the girl group artists put into music, whether in the studio or on stage.

Do you want to know more about BLACKPINK? Here we tell you who is the best dancer in the girl group, you will be surprised with her skills.

She is the best BLACKPINK dancer who surprises the world with her skills

Lisa is definitely the best dancer in BLACKPINK, followed by Jennie. But if we focus on Lalisa we will know why she is so good at this art. From a very young age she began to study it, to dedicate herself completely to dance and it was something that she not only liked, she was really passionate about. As a YG Entertainment trainee, she completely shone with her great way of dancing.

 Dancing Lisa is something that we can see in many of BLACKPINK's choreography, but also in her solo debut she did not leave aside dancing and showed us a phenomenal choreography for her two songs.

Lisa has been recognized as one of the best K-Pop dancers and has even been awarded

Lisa has been called the 'Queen Of Dance' of K-Pop due to her great skills as a dancer. Besides that she has a super solid fanbase that she never fails to show her great love and support at all times.

Lisa is the Queen Of Dance | Twitter: @min_ji34

Now you know who and why is the best BLACKPINK dancer, did you expect it? LIsa has really proven on many occasions to be an ace for dancing. 

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