Who's the visual girl from TWICE? Who's the visual girl from TWICE?

Who is TWICE's visual member? She'll charm you with her beauty

TWICE is full of talented and beautiful members, but who stands out for her visuals?

Every K-Pop group has a member considered as visual of the band, who has this position in TWICE? It might be hard to know since all of the members are really pretty.

TWICE is one of the most successful girl groups in K-Pop, these idols debuted in 2015, after JYP Entertainment selected the best contestants of the survival reality show 'SIXTEEN', that's how this band was formed and we got to know more about its members.

And every member in TWICE has a position since the girls specialize in different fields, the girl group has de best singers, amazing rappers and brightful dancers that make the best formula everytime they go to the studio and when the girls hit the stage.

That's how TWICE has gotten a lot of fans all over the world, those who form ONCE and always show their love, admiration and support for this amazing idol group. The fandom also knows everything about the idols and how the girl group works.

Do you know who's the visual in TWICE? This position is given to the member who stads out because of her beauty, and it'd be hard to know since the girls from this band are truly beautiful.

Who's the visual member of TWICE?

Officialy, Tzuyu is the visual member of TWICE, she's also the youngest member in the idol group, her beauty charms every fans and she's also a great model. And even if she won't let her sightliness outshine her skills as a singer and dancer, we can't deny she's very pretty.

Tzuyu is the visual member of TWICE | Twitter: @natzunit

Tzuyu's features are truly amazing, her lips, eyes, skin and much more make her look so pretty; but, let's not forget about her amazing personality and great skills as an artist too.

Tzuyu's beauty caught the attention since predebut

Tzuyu has been always this beautiful and it shows when we look at the predebut pictures of the idol, we'll see a lot of her beauty and amazing presence, a lot of people find her so pretty since her trainee days.

Tzuyu during predebut | Twitter: @choutzuyujpg

Now you know a little bit more about TWICE and Tzuyu, the official visual member from the girl group, her beauty is just incredible.

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