Who's SEVENTEEN's special coreographer? Who's SEVENTEEN's special coreographer?

Who is SEVENTEEN's choreographer? This is how they work on the dance studio

SEVENTEEN is known for being a self-produced group, do you know who does the choreography for the boy band?

All of the SEVENTEEN members work actively in songs and coreographies, but the idol group has its best coreographer, who is he?

SEVENTEEN is a great group with 13 members who work hard in music and performances for fans. Each idol from this group has specialized on a different field, that's why we have 3 subunits on thois boy abnd with the best singers, amazing rappers and talented dancers.

But they won't limit their creativity and work, all the SVT boys have actively been participating on every aspect of the group since its debut. That's why we know that Woozi is the group's producer who works along with his team to create the best songs for SEVENTEEN.

We can highlight a lot of things about SVT when they take th studio but we're all also very impressed by the way they perform on stage. Their coreographies are always perfect and they have the best ideas for shows everytime. SEVENTEEN members own the stage in an amazing way.

Do you know who's SEVENTEEN coreographer? Here we tell you everything about someone who works hard on every coreography for the band.

Who does the choreography for SEVENTEEN? The group has a special choreographer

SEVENTEEN's Performance Team is in charge of the group's coreography creation, Hoshi is the leader then he is like the main coreographer of the group, but Jun, THE8 and Dino give lots of ideas too when they're working on dance studio. They would also teach coreographies to the other members.

SEVENTEEN's Performance Team | Twitter: @Hao_oranita

SEVENTEEN also works with other professional coreographers such as Choi Young Joon, but the creative mind behind SVT's coreographies is Performance Unit.

What's the best SEVENTEEN coreography?

We can't chose just one best SEVENTEEN coreography, we can highlight a lot of them like HIT, Fear, Fallin' Flower, 24H, Pretty U and maybe all of the songs. It might be hard since everyone has something different or special, and what about Home;Run? OMG, there are a lot of great SVT coreographies, you can just chose your favorite one anyways.

We love all of the SEVENTEEN's coreographies, thanks Performance Team for working so hard on them and having a creative mind for dance, Hoshi, Jun, THE8 and Dino are the best!

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