Who is People Magazine's Sexiest International Man Alive?

People's magazine conducted a month-long poll to determine the sexiest International Man Alive and I can't say the results are unexpected. Who won the title? Find out below!

  • American magazine 'People' focuses on entertainment and gossip news.
  • The publication annually features other titles like Sexiest Woman of the Year and 100 Most Beautiful People.
  • 2020's winner is a member of the band that has been stealing hearts all over- BTS!
The announcement for the title. Source: People

Sexiest International Man of 2020

When the results for the poll finally came in, nobody was surprised at the well-deserved and obvious win. With the voice of an angel, and the physique of a God, no wonder the Sexiest International Man Alive is none other than Jeon Jungkook of BTS!

Jungkook during the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2019. Source: lovesince1997


He left all competition behind, which consisted of names like Matt Levy, Keith Urban, Matthew Rhys and Paul Mescal. There's no match for our Jungkook's appeal!

Fans' reaction

ARMYs lit up Twitter with their happiness after the title was announced. The hashtag #SexiestManJungkook started trending in appreciation of their idol's win.

Nothing is more attractive than hard work and success, and after seeing the 23-year-old be recognized as a singer, dancer, and now a director, I can truly say that the title fits perfectly. 

Jungkook playing around with a camera. Source: BTS Official Fancafe

Our Kookie looks good with both long hair and short, with any outfit, and both with and without make-up. He has already been the sexiest man for ARMYs for a long time!

The release of their new album 'BE' has resulted in more love and adoration from their fans for their idols. Listen to BTS's new song 'Life Goes On Below':

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