BTS J-Hope and his sister, Jung Jiwoo

Which BTS member is J-Hope's sister in love with?

Do you know J-Hope's sister has a favorite in the band? Just like us, she is their fan too and in fact likes one member the most. But interestingly, it's not J-Hope! Who is it then? Get another hint, his names start with letter 'J' too. Scroll down to find out who the lucky member is!

  • Jung Jiwoo was born in 1990 and is an owner of a successful clothing band, Mejiwoo.
  • She has a huge following of 6.6 million followers on Instagram.
  • Out of all the relatives of the members, she was the first one to be revealed on media.

Back in the debut days, BTS used to appear on radio shows to talk about their activities as a group. In one of the shows, J-Hope was asked which band member he would like to introduce his sister to? To this, he revealed that his sister really likes Jungkook. Who doesn't like kookie? Literally everyone does!

J-Hope and his sister wearing glasses

But at this, Jimin couldn't stay silent and playfully blurted out,

It is illegal!

We love how they are always teasing each other!

Basically, Jungkook was too young at that time for any relationship. But obviously, they were discussing it jokingly. Everyone laughed at Jimin's answer and so did we!
When Jungkook was asked about her, our shy kookie went completely blank. After processing for a moment he said,

She is beautiful.

The way he always gets confused at such questions is super adorable! 

But on another media appearance, J-Hope revealed something different. He said,

My sister liked Jugnkook initially. I was talking to her on the phone recently, and she said she liked Jimin a lot.

At this, Jungkook went like,


Yes, initially, the tables got turned this time *chuckles*! Jimin must be feeling accomplished as he was the first to interrupt when Jungkook was her favorite.

But Jungkook didn't let it go either. He kiddingly showed his disappointment and made all of us laugh out loud.

Noona(Elder sister), do you have to be like this? I’m disappointed. I am not going to meet you next time.

Jung Jiwoo cutely posing for the camera

We loved these instances and the spot-on reactions of the members. They truly aren't just musicians but comedians too!

Just to let you know that Jiwoo is getting married this year and just like us, all the members are really happy at this. Good luck to her for her wedding as well as the business. We look forward to seeing her happy in this new phase of life! 

Want to see some of her amazing clicks from the pre-wedding shoot? Check them out here.

Are you excited for Jiwoo's wedding? Because we are desperately waiting to see her walk down the aisle. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 


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