Who's BLACKPINK's tallest member of them all? Who's BLACKPINK's tallest member of them all?

Who is BLACKPINK's tallest member? These are the measurements of its idols

How tall are the members of BLACKPINK? Here we tell you who of them is the tallest

What are the heights of the members of BLACKPINK? One of them is taller than her fellow members. Here we tell you who's the tallest girl in this group.

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop group that has flooded the world with their music and performances. The 4 idols who debuted in 2016 under YG Entertainment have really combined their power and talents to shine together on stage. Fans really love this girl group.

And there is much that BLINK admires about BP, first and foremost his musical and stage skills. There are also the beautiful personalities of the idols, their brilliant charismas, their cute hearts that they always show to fans, their styles, tips and so on.

Also, we can't stop admiring the beauty of each member of BLACKPINK, all of them are really beautiful, with characteristics that make them extremely attractive. There are even people who find a certain appeal in the heights of BP idols.

How tall are they? Here we tell you who is the tallest girl in BLACKPINK, how would you look next to her? ooh! And let's forget that these beautiful artists sometimes wear heels, OMG.

How tall is BLACKPINK's tallest member?

Rosé is the tallest member of BLACKPINK, how tall is she? She is 1.68 meters which is approximately 5.5 feet. She is only 2 centimeters taller than Lisa and 5 centimeters taller than Jennie and Jisoo who are the same height. So now you know, Roseanne is the tallest girl in BP.

Rosé is BLACKPINK's tallest member | Twitter: @portalblackpink

Now you know it, Rosé is the tallest member of BLACKPINK, are you as tall as her? Maybe taller? We can say she's taller than average.

Who's BLACKPINK's shortest member?

As we said before, Jennie and Jisoo are the same height, they both are 1.65 meters or 5.4 feet, so they both are the shortest members in BLACKPINK.  Lisa is in the middle since she's 1.66, just 1 centimenter taller than Jisoo and Jennie.

Jennie and Jisoo are the shortest members in BLACKPINK | Twitter: @jnkconcept

Oh! We're sure that on stage these girls look taller, but it's okay, let's remember the diversity of bodies and heights and more, this even applies in idols.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members like Jennie who surprised a drummer with her way of rapping. 

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