Who in BLACKPINK can speak English? Who in BLACKPINK can speak English?

Who in BLACKPINK speaks fluent English? The idols skills with language

Did you know that some BLACKPINK members speak fluent English? This his how the idols communicate with international fans

K-Pop has proven that language is not a barrier, since we all can enjoy songs in a different language, but some idols can speak English, who in BLACKPINK does?

BLACKPINK is a K-Pop group which is pretty popular all over the world, these 4 girls have camptivated a lot of fans with their music and performances, and we can also love more about them like their personalities and charismas along with their talents.

BLINK is the great fandom that shows its love, admiration and support for BP's members, there's no place on Earth were we can't find at least one BLACKPINK's fan who will give evertything for their favorite idols. And it doesn't matter if they won't speak the same language.

Even if there's not a lot of people who can speak korean, the love for music and K-Pop exists internationally, and BLACKPINK shows that language is not pretty important when you can feel the music and the feelings in this girl group's songs.

But idols know how important it is for them to communicate with fans, so a lot of them can speak in more than one language, can BLACKPINK members speak English fluently?

Can everyone in BLACKPINK speak English fluently?

As you might know, there are two BLACKPINK members who can speak English fluently, Rosé and Jennie, since they lived abroad and learnt how to speak in this language without any trouble, Also, Lisa can speak english too, and she's pretty fluent, she has showed her skills in a lot of interviews.

Jisoo is not as good as her fellow members with English, but she knows the basics and can spealak a little bit in this language.

Almost all of BLACKPINK members can speak English fluently | Twitter: @jissonie

These idols are not only talented for music, they also are good at learning different languages and communicate better with all of their fans.

How many languages can BLACKPINK members speak?

BLACKPINK members can speak in more than a language, here we have the full list:

BLACKPINK members are talented with languages | Twitter: @lisalareine

So, BLINK from all over the world can communicate with BLACKPINK members, even if it's in Korean, English, Japanese and even French, these idols' talents with languages are just amazing.

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