Who are BLACKPINK rappers? Who are BLACKPINK rappers?

Who are the rappers of BLACKPINK? They give a unique style to their songs

Does BLACKPINK have rappers? Get to know the rapline of this girl group

Every BLACKPINK's song is full with the talent of its four members, who raps in this girl group? The unique style of these tracks is given by the group's rapline.

BLACKPINK is one of the most successful girl groups in K-Pop history, these four idols which trained and debuted under YG Entertainment make the perfect formula which has attracted the attetion of a lot of fans who join their fandom as soon as they get involved by this girl group's songs.

The style of BP is just great and we're not talking about their looks, which are pretty admirable too, but we love the girl group's music, their songs are powerful, full of feelings and with all of the artists' talent. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa work hard on music and it shows with their tracks.

And as you might know, BLACKPINK has great vocalists, girls which have an amazing voice and give it all for BLINK in studio and on stage. We can tell that BP has sweet voices, but also some stronger ones which give different feelings to their songs.

And BLACKPINK has rappers too, do you know who are they? Maybe it's hard for you to know it since they're also great singers, this makes them all-rounders.

Who are the main rappers in BLACKPINK?

Jennie and Lisa are the rappers of BLACKPINK, these two idols specialized on their styles to give evry song that contrast between sweet and angelic voices and fast snappy raps. Even as a soloist, Lisa showed more of her rap skills. Even if Jennie with her solo work focused more on her vocals.

Jennie and Lisa are BLACKPINK's rappers | Twitter: @IntBLACKPINK_PH

Jennie and Lisa have a unique style of rapping, we love the way they do it and they have a great voice to as vocalists which shows how talented they are.

Which BLACKPINK song has the best rap?

There are a lot of BLACKPINK songs tha have great rap, but BLINK has selected one in which they're amazed by Lisa's rap, it's 'Playing With Fire'. For Jennie we might higlight her rap in 'Ddu du ddu du', she killed with her part in that song, it was just so amazing, which one is your favorite?

Now you know it, these two rappers of BLACKPINK have the best styles and raps for BLINK, they're so talented, we love the way they rap and sing.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, do you know how tall this idols are? Get to know their heights. 

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