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Who are the producers behind STRAY KIDS music?

The successful career of Stray Kids has been defiend for their musical exploration. We are telling you the names of the creators of their songs.

Stray Kids is famous because of their amazing charisma on stage. The members perform powerful and complicated choreographies in a way that looks "easy". They can obtain those big results thanks to the music they offer, and of course, thanks to the long practices.

Behind every song of the group there is a special production team. It is exclusive for Stray Kids and works under JYP Entertainment also. It name is 3Racha created by Bang Chan, Changbin and Han

Stray Kids' produce team is 3Racha

At the end of 2016 three trainees of the agency JYP Entertainment formed their own group, 3Racha. They released music with some mixtapes that you can find on SoundCloud.

Eventually Bang Chan, Changbin and Han made their debut with Stray Kids. Since that day they use their ability as composers to create great hits for the group. Here are some of their credited songs.

Bang Chan (CB97)

Bang Chan of Stray Kids / By @91LemonBoy

The leader of the group has more than 100 songs on the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). We are not showing all of them but, at least we let you here those Stray Kids hits that came from his mind.

Changbin (SPEARB)

Changbin at Inkigayo / By@3RACHA_FR

Changbin has been working mostly in all the lyrics for the Stray kids songs. The three of the members work together for the music so, they can be shearing the credits of too many songs.

Han (J.ONE)
Stray Kids' Han / By @StrayKidsPOR

Han Jisung has also many participation on the group music. It's not easy to find a Stray Kids song where he's not on the credits. We recommend to check these ones.

The guys have too many great songs. Which one is your favorite?

Did you know their latest album ODDINARY is breaking records? Read the details here.

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