3 most underrated songs of BTS

BTS has released an abundance of music to this day. Every time they release an album, the boys release a music video or two for that album. Army loves all their songs regardless of whether they have a music video or not. You can feel the song without having to watch them perform. However, we wish some of their songs had music videos. Want to know which songs we wish had music videos? Continue reading to find out. 

  • BTS is a group of seven members from South Korea.
  • They debuted with the song No More Dream in 2013.
  • The BTS Army stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.
  • BTS has a net worth of $450 million, and more than 30 million followers on their Twitter and Instagram. 
BTS enjoying during a shoot

BTS' music videos and cinematography are beyond the traditional music videos we see. They are setting a standard too high for this industry. Don't you think?

1) Anpanman

BTS performing Anpanman

Anpanman is BTS' more cheerful kind of song. It starts with V's soulful voice and goes on with a fun performance. The boys usually perform in cute outfits and have adorable expressions throughout the song. We adore this cute performance a little too much. What do you think about their facial expressions?

J-Hope during Anpanman

The boys often played around with inflatable structures. We would love to see such a fun and bubbly theme in a music video form for this song. 

2) Love Myself

Love Myself lines

Love Myself is one of those songs that motivate you to treat yourself better. Our favorite line is 'You've shown me I have reasons I should love myself.' What a beautiful line! The song has been a source of comfort for many Army. Does it make you feel good about yourself when you hear it? 

The music video for such a song could be a very expressive and emotional one. It would deliver a message of love for the Army from BTS and for BTS from Army. 

3) Home

BTS posing in blue

Home is a song for those who make any place home and missing that place. The boys have performed Home so many times. They performed it at BTS week on the Jimmy Fallon show. We would love to see a music video where the boys enjoy themselves in a comfortable environment as they did in this performance.

 We like to see the boys enjoying themselves. Don't we? They are so many other songs we wish had music videos. We don't want to overburden the boys with our demands. Army is already spoilt thanks to the content they release almost every day. Check out their Home performance below!

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