Blackpink pose for Kill This Love Japanese release

Which member of Blackpink is the first to be on a Pepsi can?

From being the biggest girl group in the world to being the faces of many luxury brands, Blackpink has done it all. Their journey has only started. Earlier today, Pepsi Thailand announced the launch of a new soft drink can design. Read more below to find out who was on it!

  • Blackpink is a 4-piece girl group from South Korea that debuted in August 2016.

  • They are the first K-pop group to perform at Coachella and have a net worth of $35 million.

  • The group is brand ambassadors for Kia Motors and Samsung.

  • Recently, Blackpink released a track called ‘Spark The Flame’ for PUBG game.

Blackpink for Pepsi

Blackpink was chosen to endorse Pepsi in countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, and The Philippines. Pepsi has been dropping hints about it since September 2020 on a Chinese platform called Weibo. 

Pepsi Thailand Blackpink theme

 It always brings me great joy to see celebrities I like as the face of items I enjoy! Imagine going into a store and seeing a poster with Jennie on it, how cool would that be? Well, Blackpink themed commodities have finally been stocked in selves in Asia-Pacific regions.

Blackpink for 2020 comeback

Did you know that Blackpink has also endorsed Sprite before? The advertisement for that was super exciting and refreshing to see. Fans are super pumped up to see how Pepsi shows us a new side to Blackpink.

Pepsi Thailand reveal Jisoo on can

Yesterday, Pepsi Thailand took to Twitter to upload a picture revealing the first member of Blackpink to bless the cans of Pepsi Max. I don't know about you but I guessed it right, it was Kim Jisoo! The eldest member, vocalist, and visual of the group looked stunning.

Blackpink themed cans ready to be shelved

My favorite soft-drink is Pepsi, I am very happy with this new addition to retail stores. Will you buy Pepsi next time just so you can say 'Blackpink in your area' and actually mean it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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