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Which are the 4 most addictive K-Dramas to binge-watch now!

We love K-Pop BTS & Blackpink stars but music is not the only big Korea’s media export. K-Dramas are becoming hugely popular. There’s so many series appearing every day on Amazon, Netflix,, Hulu it’s really easy to dive in. Keep reading as we share our favorites ones that’ll keep your heart entertain!

  • Korean dramas, aka K-Dramas, are Korean language TV shows. They are made in South Korea but have huge international audiences. Full of K pop culture, cool fashion and style, they’re super glamorous!
  • Most shows have 16 to 20 hour long episodes so there’s enough time to immerse yourself in an enjoyable story without it never ending or moving too slowly. Once the plot line is finished, the show is over and you can get on to the next one!
  • K-Dramas mix and cross many genres like police crime stories, supernatural mysteries, romantic comedies similar to fairy tales or legends and they also have historical fiction based on true stories.

These 4 K-Dramas had a lot to offer and you must add them to your current viewing list:

1) “Mr Sunshine”

"Mr Sunshine" K-Drama poster. Source: Netflix

This is a historical drama set during the US expedition to Joseon (South Korea) in 1871. A local boy escapes from slavery on a warship and goes to America. As an adult, he returns to his home country as a Marine to fight on a secret mission. Watch "Mr Sunshine" on Netflix

2) “Her Private Life”

"Her Private Life" is a fun story about fandom.

Actress Park Min-young plays a professional and competent museum curator during daytime, but she is a crazy K-Pop fan girl at night. This is a must-see funny story about fandom. Click here to watch "Her Private Life" on Viki

3) “Mr Temporary”

"Mr. Temporary" a drama about students learning the wrong values

"Mr. Temporary" also known as "Class of Lies." A lawyer, played by Yoon Kyun-sang, who goes to work undercover as a temporary teacher to solve the intriguing mystery of a student’s murder. Watch "Mr Temporary" on Viki

It shows that this prestigious school is all about appearances, but like much of their unscrupulous rich students they promote, it's in fact rotten to the core.

4) “Cinderella and the Four Knights”

Brave girl Eun Ha-Won (aka Cinderella) lives with her dreadful stepmother and stepsisters and works on multiple jobs to save up for college fees. She meets a wealthy set of cousins who live together in a mansion. Watch "Cinderella and the Four Knights" on NetflixThis is a messy love triangle on a new in take of classic fairy-tale that will catch you!

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