This STRAY KIDS' song is perfect for your wedding This STRAY KIDS' song is perfect for your wedding

Which STRAY KIDS song is perfect for a wedding? Seungmin revealed it

Seungmin confessed which STRAY KIDS song he would sing at a wedding, this will be the perfect track for STAY on that special day

STRAY KIDS has a lot of songs for STAY and there are tracks for every moment, mood and ocassion, so, is there a SKZ's song perfect for your wedding? Seungmen confessed which one he would sing on that special day.

STRAY KIDS works hard on their songs, these idols tend to write, compose and produce their own tracks which makes them even more special for their fans. That's how the talented members of this idol group show their abilities in music even on studio.

Now, STAY has a lot of songs to enjoy, SKZ has great tracks, for every mood and moment, we will find a perfect track. And the best thing is that STRAY KIDS puts a lot of efforts on performances too, so we won't only have amazing songs, but also great shows on stage.

Sometimes, STAY might identify all of the emotions and feelings which STRAY KIDS' members put into their songs, and that's something just amazing. Some tracks will cheer up fans and give them hope, some others will reflect the same things we are feeling, don't you think?

But there's a song perfect for your wedding day, I'm sure that STAY dreams of getting married and Seungmin revealed which STRAY KIDS' track would be perfect for a wedding.

Seungmin thinks that this STRAY KIDS song would be perfect for your wedding day

STRAY KIDS went to a variety show of the SBS television network, there's where Seungmin revealed that he would sing 'Blueprint' in a wedding, he thinks that's a good song for an event full of love like the one in which a couple decides to get married. 

Our songs are a bit on the dark side but Blueprint is a bit more on the hope side.


Do you agree with Seungmin? Maybe Blueprint will be a great song for STAY's wedding, if Seungmin is your bias, then the groom at your wedding will be the singer too :P.

 Does STRAY KIDS have love songs?

Yeah! There are some STRAY KIDS' songs that talk about love, some tracks like 'YOU', 'Sorry, I Love You' or ''Cause I Like You' are some of the SKZ's songs which you'd love to listen to when you're in love. This idol group has a lot of perfect tracks for you.

So, you have more songs for your wedding day, right? If you're STAY, I'm sure you're gonna blast some SKZ in your wedding day.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Bang Chan who revealed his members strenghts, they're just fabolous! 

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