MONSTA X has the best fashion sense MONSTA X has the best fashion sense

Which MONSTA X member has the best fashion sense? Kihyun revealed his ranking

Do idols care about fashion? Maybe MONSTA X members do, but not all of them have the best dress sense according to Kihyun

The members of MONSTA X usually have a great style but perhaps in their daily lives they do not have a good sense of fashion, Kihyun made his ranking of who has the best dress code to which of his groupmates does not care about fashion in absolute.

MONSTA X is an amazing idol group filled with extremely talented artists. All the members of this group are really cool, they have been working as singers, rappers and dancers since debut. Some of them have also been part of the writing, composition and production of their songs.

In addition to admiring the amazing musical skills of the MX idols, we can also admire their beautiful personalities, some of them are outgoing, funny, full of joy. Sometimes they are serious, always dedicated to their work and concerned about their other colleagues and MONBEBE, their faithful fandom.

And without forgetting the visuals of the members of MONSTA X, the truth is that this idol group has extremely attractive idols, with physical characteristics that make them quite handsome. In addition to this, there is also their style, they have modeled for magazines several times and we have seen them try different outfits with their concepts in each comeback.

But, in real life, who has the best fashion sense? Yoo Kihyun ranked her and revealed that one of the MONSTA X members doesn't care about fashion at all.

Kihyun revealed who has the best and worst fashion sense in MONSTA X

Kihyun had an interview with Star1 Magazine, in which he revealed who from MONSTA X has the best and worst fashion sense let's just say in daily life. He came in third place, OMG, for him there are 2 other members who know how to dress. Here we have the complete ranking.

  1. Minhyuk
  2. Hyungwon
  3. Kihyun
  4. Joohoney
  5. I.M
  6. Shownu
Kihyun's ranking in fashion sense | Twitter: @IMwithYoo_2226

Kihyun said that Shownu doesn't care about fashion at all. Perhaps the leader of MONSTA X prefers comfort above all else, because now that he has been in his military service, we have seen him with simple clothes and outfits that seem really comfortable. Aw! Shownu always so cute. 

Minhyuk really has a great fashion sense

Kihyun was definitely right on his fashion sense ranking for MONSTA X members, as Minhyuk is really good at it. He dresses very well, each garment makes him look very stylish. He has even been a model for some magazine covers and also works in collaboration with the Champion brand.

Minhyuk has the best fashion sense | Twitter: ¿@Moonlight2211_

We love all styles of MONSTA X idols, it doesn't matter that they are not that good, the important thing is that they are all very talented.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, like Joohoney who inspires some of the TNX members with his stage presence. 

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