Which 3 K-pop idols rose to stardom because of nepotism?

The debate of who deserves their success and who does not is a very common question. It's not easy to stay away from negative attention when you are a worldwide star. The world of K-pop is known to be a tough one but is it possible that a few privileged personalities have it easier? Read more below to find out how far nepotism can take you.   

  • K-pop was introduced to the world in the 90s by SM Entertainment. Artists such as BoA and S.E.S were the first to debut in the industry. 
  • Currently, BTS and Blackpink are enjoying the status as the biggest groups in the world.
  • The song ‘Gangnam Style’ took the world by storm in 2012. The artist PSY belonged to YG Entertainment and has a net worth of $60 million.
  • With K-pop gaining popularity, South Korea has seen a great increase in tourism as well as media attention.
K-pop legend, Kwon BoA

Trainee life is described as the toughest era of an idol's career. Most people join K-pop agencies when they are at the age of 10-13 years old. This allows them to polish their singing, dancing, and variety skills for a good 6-8 years before debuting. In my opinion, the scariest part of it all is the uncertainty. There is no guarantee of a secure chance at making it big. Let's see the list!

1. Sunny from SNSD

Sunny from Girls Generation SNSD

The big three K-pop companies; SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment are often suspected of debuting idols that may have some ties that run deeper than just an innocent audition. Sunny from SNSD (Girls Generation) is the niece of Lee Sooman, founder of SM Entertainment. At her debut, a lot of people speculated whether if it was the result of hard-work or not?

2. Umji from GFRIEND

K-pop girl group GFRIEND

Other idols such as Siwon from Super Junior, Tzuyu from Twice and Umji from GFRIEND were also rumored to have used their powerful connections and elite backgrounds as a source to get into the big three labels. I personally think, nepotism is not something that has a lasting impact in the K-pop industry. Being rich does not necessarily mean you are spoon-fed success.

3. Jennie from Blackpink

Jennie from Blackpink

Jennie was also one of the suspects of making use of her mom's influence in her debut.There is too much competition and evaluation of one's skill and one cannot simply debut through using their sources. I also do think that someone can use their influence to make it into an organization but for them to actually be successful, they need talent. The proof is there that every idol debuted has something which they excel at. Don't you think so?

Crowd of BTS Stadium Tour

The names of idols mentioned above turned out to be baseless accusations that held no concrete value and were just opinions stated online.

Do you think it's fair to discredit their success and years of tiring effort because they come from comfortable backgrounds? Are there any idols who you think may have used connections? Let us know in the comments.

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