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The 3 greatest K-Pop fandoms

The phenomenon of K-Pop is unstoppable. Bands like Blackpink and BTS are taking over the music industry and fans play a big role. Surprised? Why are they so loyal and why are they vital to the singers? Watch the video below to find out!   

  • K-Pop was originated in South Korea but it's influenced by styles from around the world such as R&B, hip hop, and rock.
  • Surprisingly, the origins of Korean popular music date back to 1885. At first, it emerged as an expression of the people against Japanese oppression.
  • The Korean Wave officially started after 2010 worldwide, but groups like Wonder Girls or Girls Generation were the ones that opened the doors to the American market in 2007.

3) Blackpink's 'Blinks'

Blinks waiting for the K-Pop idols to come out of the airport

Every K-Pop fan is jealous of how Blackpink members treat their fans. They even manage to FaceTime them randomly and support their endeavors. The girls are so sweet! Lisa Manoban is the one who speaks English more fluently, so she is in charge of foreign Blink members. 

The Blinks boast over 13 million proud fans who go out of their way to keep their idols at the top of the charts.


2) EXO 'EXO-L's'

EXO fans cheering during a live concert

A group of more than 8 million that supports one of the most famous K-pop bands in history. It's that the Exo-Ls were long before the ARMY and in fact, they opened the way and set a trend in the way of catapult their favorite stars. The differences in numbers is surprising but in influence, they are head-to-head.

1) BTS Army

BTS Army fans

It won't surprise us to know that in numbers the one who has the most members is ARMY, this is BTS's fandom.

More than 50 million make it up worldwide and that figure is totally detached from the rest. Not only is it the most numerous, but they have a lot of influence too. The group works side by side with fans to position their songs on the charts and also to promote all kinds of merch. Even the ARMYs are responsible for silencing negative comments on social media.

Watch the following video to understand why these groups are so loyal:

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