J-Hope at the Global Press Conference for "BE" J-Hope at the Global Press Conference for "BE"

Which Grammys category does BTS J-Hope want to win?

The young, rich and talented seven K-pop stars from the band BTS have just released their second album for the year 2020. On the Conference for their album 'BE', the dance leader for the group, J-Hope talked about the Grammys. By remaining humble, the band member wisely answered the questions asked by the reporters. Want to know what J-Hope said? Then scroll down to find out!

  • J-Hope's zodiac sign is Aquarius as his birthday comes on 18th February.
  • His real name is Jung Hoseok, and he was born in Gwanju, South Korea.
  • Hoseok has two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. 
  • He is has a height of 5'10" and is 26 years old.
BTS at the Grammys

The members of the BTS gathered for the Global press Conference for their new album BE. Members talked about their experience of working on the album.

BTS J-Hope

During answering the questions, J-Hope revealed his wish regarding the Grammys category. We loved how cutely he told us about his wish! He explained that he wants to win a Grammy Award in some group category as he said:

'It might be a huge ambition, but I always wish to be awarded something that is related to our ‘group’ since we are a ‘team.’'

J-Hope at the Global Press Conference

This shows how strongly the BTS members are bonded. They never miss a chance to draw everyone's attention towards their teamwork and friendship.

J-Hope at the Global Press Conference

Talking further about it, J-Hope said: 'I might cry if we could really be awarded this because I think this is a very important part as a group artist.'

J-Hope posing at the Global Press Conference

Aww, J-Hope we wish your dream comes true very soon. So, then Army are you ready for a crying session? This reminds us of their 2018 MAMA's speech. We all cried our eyes out. These boys have done so much, and they deserve the best of everything!

Check out this clip to see what J-Hope said on the Conference!


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