BTS in Finland in 2019 for winter package shoot

Which BTS member’s personality has shocked fans the most?

Bangtan boys are known among fans for their crazy personality switches! One day they will look like the most goofy people on the planet and the other day they will be setting fire to the internet with their sharp looks. Now that BTS has released its winter package for 2021, fans cannot keep calm with the duality of one member. Want to know which member that is? Continue reading to find out!

  • Like most other K-pop groups, BTS releases its seasons greetings and winter packages annually 
  • This time, the winter package was shot in the snowy mountains of Gangwon-Do
  • All members slayed their attires and left fans curious about the rest of the images in the package 
  • One particular member shook everyone with his duality!
BTS in Finland 

Unlike previous years, this time the winter package was shot in South Korea. In 2019, BTS went to Finland to shoot the winter package and left fans stunned with their cozy attires! This time it was expected that the boys will shoot the winter package in their country due to coronavirus concerns and travel restrictions.  

Winter package 2020

On January 26th 2020, as the teaser for the winter package dropped on the band’s YouTube channel, fans all over the world got excited to see it! However, the excitement was then followed by absolute shock as one BTS member displayed his intense duality. Who was that member? Well, it was Jungkook! 

Jungkook in winter package 2021

On one hand, Jungkook can be seen holding his members hands as they walk over the snowy mountains. Yet, on the other hand, he flaunts his blue hair locks. As he goes around enjoying the weather, fans can’t decide whether to drool over his adorable interactions or trendy blue highlights! 

Well, the duality was definitely a huge surprise to me! I really like how Jungkook is experimenting with his appearance these days and just trying to find the real him. What do you think about Jungkook’s new highlights? 

Watch the teaser for BTS’ winter package 2021 here:

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