What is BTS' Visual Line? What is BTS' Visual Line?

Which BTS members are part of the visual line? They impress with their beauty

What is the Visual Line of BTS? These are the most attractive members of the group

Does BTS have a visual line? Although all the members of the group are very attractive to ARMY, only three form its visual line.

BTS has amazed the world with their music, the songs of this idol group gave something new, refreshing and different to the public. With their lyrics they have brought new messages to many fans who day by day light up their lives thanks to each song by this K-Pop band.

In addition, the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan also have great personalities and charisma that have completely captivated ARMY, there are a lot of things that we can admire about these artists. Their talents, their ways of being and thinking that are not only reflected in songs, but also in other content.

And last but not least, the beauty of Bangtan idols has also caught the attention of many people. Fans who find each of the boy band members extremely attractive. And it is that they all have physical characteristics that end up being a sweetener for the eyes.

But which members of BTS will be considered the most attractive? Like any K-Pop group, this idol group has its Visual Line that impresses with its beauty, what members make it up?

These are the members that make up the Visual Line of BTS

Jin, V and Jungkook are the Visual Line of BTS, these three members were considered for their great beauties that have simply stolen all the attention and looks. Many experts have dedicated themselves to studying the physical features of these idols, showing that their beauty seems to be out of this world.

Jin, V and JK are BTS' Visual Line | Twitter: @Vantaegi95

Are any of these BTS members your bias? The truth is that all Bangtan Sonyeondan idols are quite attractive and each one has physical characteristics that make them look very handsome.

BTS' Visual Line has other names 

The Visual Line of BTS has two nicknames with which the members of the group are usually recognized. These are a bit curious, but here we have the explanation for both.

BTS' Bermuda Triangle | Twitter: @tinyksjinnie

 So who is your favorite member of BTS' Bermuda Triangle? All of them are quite handsome, we can't help but admire their beauties.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Taehyung who decided which emoji suits him best, which one do you use?

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