Jungkook, RM and Jimin

Which BTS member would you date?

Looking for a perfect date this 2021? The K-Pop stars are handsome, talented and multi-millionaire. Who suits you the best? Watch the video below to find out!   

  • BTS members love their fans, the ARMY so much that they have given it the name of 'I purple you', which means I will love and stay by your side forever.
  • The fans also give them all their love by protecting them in every matter.
  • The K-pop band has more than 30 million followers on Twitter. So now you know that they have so many lovers!

In this season of love, why one remains alone and single when the tall, rich and handsome boys from BTS are there. Let's take a look at each one of theirs qualities and see who suits you the best!

Jin-the world-wide handsome guy:

Jin, the world-wide handsome guy

The eldest one is the type to celebrate love with a grand celebration. Whether it be through extravagant parties or putting your couple photos everywhere in town, he will always flex his love life in front of everyone. Isn't this what every girl wants? 

Not only this, he will take you out in his car and buys you a lot of good food. Well, who wouldn't like to attend Eat Jin in-person *chuckles*. 

RM-the smart and lovely guy:

RM, the smart and lovely guy

If you are a sucker for beauty with brains, then RM should be the one. He will arrive at your door with a bouquet of roses and just stuffs your house with all different kinds of chocolates. Who doesn't like chocolates and that too coming from a good-looking guy?

You will get a chance to touch his bonsai trees, and he will have long deep talks with you while sitting beside them. He will take you out for sunset and just stare at you the whole time. Doesn't it sound like a dream?

Suga-the cute and shy guy:

Suga, the cute and shy guy

The BTS rapper will whine the whole time that he doesn't like grand parties but will end up arranging a bigger one for you *chuckles*. He will always go out of the way to make you feel good and send you cute cheering messages throughout the day. 

Further, he will place anonymous love notes by your bedside. He will take you to small calm restaurant on the rooftop where you have dinner together with a big rose in the center (which obviously he has bought for you). Isn't he the most adorable human?

J-Hope-the bright cheerful guy:

J-Hope, the bright cheerful guy

Want endless brightness throughout your day? No need to find anyone because the sunshine, J-Hope is here. He will dress up in all party clothes with a small pouch and will make you dress up the same.

You two will go out and have so much fun with different couple outdoor activities like dancing, playing with bubbles and obviously a lot of photos. Like Jin, he will also announce his love for you to the world. Well, who doesn't want a party-guy who is caring too?

Jimin-the caring and the comfy guy:

Jimin, the caring and the comfy guy

The 25-year-old will find all the ways to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You two will start your day with relaxing skincare. He will buy you heart-shaped cotton candy and just talks to you while holding your hand.

Okay so he will be a little flirty too *chuckles*, but you need to manage that. Well, who won't like to be a little lovey-dovey with him?
At the end of the day, you two will have a candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant.

V-the number-one handsome and soft guy:

V, the number-one handsome and soft guy

So Taetae will be an artsy and soft person. He will wake up to try to make plain honey pancakes for you but then end up making cute mistakes. He will surprise you with a beautifully painted portrait of yours and fills your entire room with roses.

Then, the two of you goes out, and he will buy you gifts from all the top brands like GUCCI, Chanel etc. He pampers you the whole time and goes on to full shy mode when you do the same.

You two will visit an art gallery and have dinner at a classic themed restaurant. Aww, who doesn't want such cute date with this lovely human being?

Jungkook-the playful and strong guy:

Jungkook, the the playful and strong guy

The Golden maknae will surprise you with a series of cute yet funny cards and the two of you end up laughing at them. He will play overwatch with you and take you out on his Mercedes-Benz. The two of you go for paintball and bowling together.

He will buy you tonnes of different chocolates and throw just random cheesy pickup lines *chuckles*

At the end of your day, he takes you to a luxurious restaurant where you both eat while talking, and he just admires you while sipping on his banana milk. Is there a better date than this?


You must have found your match by now. It's just so hard to not fall for them. So get ready for this valentine and make it more special with BTS. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Don't forget to tell us the member name you'd like to spend your valentine with. Also check out the members making the fans' flustered with their cute lovely gestures!



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