BTS V photoshoot for album: 'You Never Walk Alone'

Which BTS member never plays by the rules?

His voice is soulful, interactions are goofy, his pictures break down the internet, and he knows no rules! Wonder who that is? V of BTS once again proved during his birthday V Live that no rules set by his label, Big Hit Entertainment, apply to him. Want to know what happened? Continue reading to find out!

  • Becoming a millionaire at the young age of 25, V has a fanbase of over 30 million individuals!
  • The famous K-pop idol celebrated his birthday on 30th December 2020
  • Fans celebrated V's birthday by visiting shelter homes and donating to generous causes!
  • He shared his happiness with fans by appearing on V Live - a social media platform that connects fans with artists
V's birthday advert on Burj Khalifa

One of the most surprising gifts for V came from his Chinese fan base. The gift made the young singer the first K-pop idol to have his birthday advertisement on Burj Khalifa! However, a lot of BTS fans feel that the amount spent on the advertisement, around $97000, could have been used for more generous causes. 

V on V Live

Although V did not comment on the gifts he received, he came on V Live to chat with fans and celebrate his special day. The video call went on for 46 minutes during which V did something that shocked the fans. But more than fans, it shocked the Big Hit staff!

 V playing his mixtape

Going against the rules, the singer played parts of songs from his upcoming mixtape! He laughed as he saw the staff’s reaction. He continued playing the parts for some while till he finally stopped. I am sure the staff was in a state of panic seeing him breaking company rules like that. Although we could not hear any lyrics, fans hope that he releases his mixtape really soon!

Watch the complete V Live:

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