Who loves ARMY the most in BTS? Who loves ARMY the most in BTS?

Which BTS member loves ARMY the most? They fought over this once

ARMY receives the same love that the fandom gives to BTS, but which idol thinks about fans the most?

BTS loves ARMY so much, the members are truly thankful for their fans and even one day they fought over who thought the most about their fandom.

There's no doubt that there are a lot of fans who love, respect, admire and support BTS all of the time. This idol group has a very big fandom all over the world and it might be hard for them to be in touch with all of the fans.

But Bangtan Sonyeondan approaches ARMY in the best ways, the idol group shares a lot of moments with their fans in concerts, fanmeetings, fansings and virtually too through social media in platforms like Weverse and Instagram, for example.

Fans have a lot of content and interactions from his favorite group all of the time, and with the great quantity of fans that Bangtan Boys have we might think that they won't love their fans as much as ARMY loves them.

But the truth is that ARMY's love is reciprocated, and here's how BTS once fought over who tought about their fans more.

Once BTS fought over who loved ARMY the most and these are the results

During BTS' sleep over with fans, there was a question for them 'How many times do you think about ARMY in a day?', it seemed like a simple question  but idols took it seriously. Suga said that he tought about ARMY at least 360k times in a day, they started a fight then and Jungkook said that he did it at least 40 quadrillion times, LOL.

Who's the winner? There's no doubt that BTS loves ARMY inmensely, and the idol group and the fandom make a great team all of the time.

 BTS and ARMY have the best relationship

There are a lot of things that tells us that BTS and ARMY have the best relationship and together make the best team, it's not only about the records on digital platforms, the awards they've been winning. But also all of the support the group and fandom give to each other and the moments that they share together.

BTS is truly thankful for ARMY and the idol group would also shower their fans with a lot of love and more, it's simply amazing how much they love each other and work together in everything.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we have everything about how ARMY is growing after Butter performance at the Grammys. 

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