Who in BTS can't drive? Who in BTS can't drive?

Which BTS member can't drive a car? This idol hasn't a driver's license

BTS members have various hidden abilities, which of them know how to drive? Only one is not licensed to do so

Did you know that there is a member of BTS who can't drive? Well, maybe it's not that he doesn't know how to but he doesn't have a license, who is he?

BTS has conquered the world with their music, the members of this great K-Pop group have great musical abilities and in each song and performance they are highly remarkable. There is much we can admire about this idol group that works hard for their fans.

But if we look inside Bangtan Sonyeondan we will find even more things to admire, such as the personalities, hobbies and hidden talents of each of these artists. ARMY has fallen in love with all of them as they have great personalities and charisma. These idols are just amazing.

In various content such as variety shows, vlogs, behind the scenes and interviews we have been able to see different facets of the members of Bangtan. So this is why ARMY can get to know them better and know some little known facts about the members of this K-Pop group.

Do you already know which BTS members know how to drive? Only one of them does not have a driver's license, who is it? He will have to use other means of transportation.

Only one member of BTS can't drive, who is he?

RM is the only member of BTS who doesn't know how to drive, OMG, did you already know that? Bangtan leader Sonyeondan confessed that he doesn't have a driver's license, maybe this is something that is very difficult for him and he couldn't pass the driving test, so he stopped trying.

RM can't drive | Twitter: @agustranda

Even Suga and Namjoon's dad urged him not to take the driving test again, according to Yoongi 'RM shouldn't drive for the peace of the world'.

Anyways, BTS' RM loves riding his bike

But who wants a driver's license when you can take a bike ride? RM loves to travel on his two-wheeler, the idol has confessed that it is a moment in which he usually thinks, enjoys the road and also feels free. So the bike was definitely made just for Namjoon.

RM loves to ride his bike | Twitter: @yoonminempire

So now you know, maybe this is the reason why RM doesn't have a license to drive a car, but feels free on his bike.

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