Do BLACKPINK members have tattoos on their bodies? Do BLACKPINK members have tattoos on their bodies?

Which BLACKPINK member has tattoos? Is one of the idols tattooed?

Do BLACKPINK members have tattoos? Here we tell you if there's one of the idols who has a desing on her skin forever

We can't stop admiring BLACKPINK members' styles, which reflect in their clothes, accesories, makeup and more, but do they have tattoos too?

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop group that doesn't just have a huge impact on music. These artists have also dazzled the world of fashion, their great styles and beauties have led them to have influence in this field with some of the most important brands.

This is why the members of BP have become ambassadors of various fashion companies, we can mention Dior or Chanel, for example. The girls in this girl group stand out for the brands that have sought them out and they have even appeared at Fashion Week in Seoul and Paris as part of their work.

Of course, each one of them has an individual and unique essence that allows us to recognize them, identify them and they leave their unique stamp with their looks and outfits. Perhaps another part of the style or the stamp of each person are also the tattoos that remain embodied in the skin forever.

Do BLACKPINK members have tattoos? Here we tell you if some of the idols from this girl group got desings on their skin forever.

Which BLACKPINK member is tattooed?

None of the BLACKPINK members have tattoos due to their agency YG Entertainment banning them. The idols must follow the rules of their company, so none of them have gotten a tattoo, their skins are free of ink.

None of BLACKPINK members are tattooed | Twitter: @GhoulPinks

 Now you know it, YG Entertainment won't let BLACKPINK idols have tattoos, so we don't know if they want to have one right now, but maybe in the future.

Did BLACKPINK's Jennie had a tattoo during predebut?

Yeah! Jennie had a tattoo during predebut but it was a temporary one, it was special since it was the phrase 'Stay Strong' and she used it to feel good and keep working hard during those times but the tattoo wasn't going to last forever.

Jennie had a tattoo during predebut BLACKPINK | Twitter: @JeniniKimdukie

Now you know a little bit more about BLACKPINK and their tattoos, maybe BLINK can get a BP themed tattoo, wouldn't it be cool?

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, here we tell you the names of the individual fandoms of the girl group. 

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