Lisa Manoban shopping

This is how Lisa Manoban spends her millions

Beautiful, millionaire, talented and famous. The 23-year-old Thai queen has won millions of hearts through her excellent rap skills and amazing dance moves. Apart from singing, the youngest member of the band has collaborated with many high-end luxury brands, such as MAC Cosmetics and PRADA. Blackpink’s success and her global brand endorsement deals have added immensely to her net worth. The richest member of the band also comes from a very rich background. But, where does our exceptional star spend her great fortune? Watch the video below!

  • Lalisa is one of the non-Korean girls of the band. She was born and raised in Thailand and auditioned with YG Entertainment at the age of 14. 
  • Manoban’s net worth is approximately $10 million, while her other bandmates are worth $8 million each. 
  • Worldwide known fashion houses such as Bulgari and Celine are taking advantage of Lisa’s popularity and her beautiful face. They even pay her more for their collaborations as compared to other brand ambassadors. 

What’s the point of earning so much when you don't generously spend it on yourself. Lisa is a shopaholic and moves around the globe to buy everything she desires.

Lisa shopping in Thailand

She browses boutiques with the other Blackpink girls, choosing the most attractive and chic outfits for herself.

Lisa's Airport Fashion

The girl definitely knows how to appease her audience with her mind-blowing appearances, yet looking modest at the same time. 

Lisa also invests in her music gadgets to improve her singing

The star loves to spend extravagantly. She treats herself with expensive clothes and jewelry because she believes that she rightfully deserves it. In an interview, she expressed what item from Celine she is desperately wanting to purchase. She also has a huge collection of bags, costing over $83000. The fashionista clearly has a thing for high fashion.

Blackpink girls always there for each other

Despite earning the most, the phenomenal star is very down-to-earth and kind towards her band’s girls. She loves them immensely and treats them with food. 'Lisa buys a lot of food for us when in our dorms and has it [delivered] to us,' said Jisoo. Along with this, the gorgeous star donates to the underprivileged so that they have a chance at a better life too. 

Lisa Manoban- Charity Angel

Lisa has a huge heart and knows well where to spend her wealth. Do you guys think the same? Let us know in the comments below!


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