Where are BLACKPINK members living? Where are BLACKPINK members living?

Where does Blackpink live now? These are the apartments of the idols

Do you want to know where the members of BLACKPINK live? Each one has her department

Did BLACKPINK members live together? Get to know the place they live now, could you find them in Korea? You'd love to visit them.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-Pop groups of the moment, its fame and recognition extends worldwide. This girl group has reached the international music market thanks to the talent and effort of each of its artists who make a perfect formula on studio and on stage.

All over the world we can find BLACKPINK fans, BLINK is their faithful fandom that never fails to show all their love and support for the group and their idols as soloists. This has not only earned them great popularity, but also a lot of money.

During their time as trainees and shortly after they debuted, the BP members lived together, this is very normal when you belong to a K-Pop agency during the preparation time of each artist. But the more they grew up, the idols needed a space of their own and maybe they stopped living together.

at home there was also the program 'BLACKPINK HOUSE' where a luxurious apartment complex was shown where the members of the K-Pop group lived together, but each one in their respective space, do idols continue to live like this?

Where does BLACKPINK live? These are the houses of the idols

Apparently, the members of BLACKPINK no longer live together, each one would have their own house, since Jennie, for example, lives with her mother and has shown her home on several occasions for her vlogs. Although they are sometimes seen together, fans theorize that they only share an apartment when they have schedules together.

It has also been thought that the idols have separate apartments in Han River Bamseom Apartments, the same place where the iKon members live, and that it is a good place for their privacy.

This might be BLACKPINK's apartment complex | Twitter: @bonitapjw

This large building has been arranged for almost all the artists of YG Entertainment and by belonging to this agency, BLACKPINK could also live in this place.

What were BLACKPINK's rooms like when they lived together?

As previously mentioned, we could find this out with the 'BLACKPINK House' program where the idols showed their rooms when they used to live together. This reality show has quite a few episodes that can be seen on YouTube.


Now you know a little more about BLACKPINK and its members, would you visit them when you travel to Korea? It would be great to find one of these artists on the street.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, are you following their official Instagram accounts? We tell you which ones are their verifed profiles.

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