This is the place where BTS works This is the place where BTS works

Where does BTS work? Get to know everything about HYBE Building

Have you ever wondered where's BTS' office? The members have plenty of space in HYBE Building

BTS has its own place to work, it's a magnificent building managed by its agency, where's HYBE building and what's its architechture?

BigHit had an amazing growth thanks to BTS, that's why it turned into HYBE, and now it owns more groups and some sub-companies that manage more idols, they're full of talent and have the big support of the K-Pop agency and its staff, as it mus be.

Even if Bangtan Sonyeondan members have different stories, sometimes they remember how were some facilities where they used to work. Like Suga, who told a story about a studio that was flooded and he nearly lost all the progress on his work.

Now that's something of the past, since thanks to all the profit, they won't have this kind of trouble. HYBE invested in better facilities and a large construction to have everything perfect for its artists. That's how the company improved the place to work not only for idols, but also for the staff.

Do you want to know where does BTS work? These is everything we know about the great HYBE building, that you'd like to visit.

Where's HYBE Building? BTS and more idols' place to work

HYBE Building is located in Yongsan Trade Center, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea, it has 19 floors, and seven aditional ones that are underground. It's a huge place that hosts more than 1k employees and has everything for staff and idols to work and feel good during their activities.

HYBE building from the outside | Twitter: @jgpurplesbts

So, this is HYBE building, the place where BTS works, and many other idols that work with the company such as TXT, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, amongst others.

What is HYBE building like inside?

Inside HYBE Building we might find a lot of sections, there are a lot of studios for recording music and videos, dancing, a big warehouse where they use to store props and costumes; there are also offices, cafeteria, gym and big conference rooms.

This is the inside of HYBE Building | Twitter: @UMJIPROD

Now you know it, BTS and many other idols have a big place to work and they mught feel pretty comfortable in this big building. 

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